We are naturally and socially responsible Eco Start-up with good business practices at heart. We operate in direct relations with our local farmers and producers here in Sri Lanka to bring their hard work to the world.

We have a wide variety of products ranging from high grade seasonal produce to the best quality year round harvested and produced eco-friendly products sourced directly from the farmers and small-medium scale producers to help jump start and improve the living standards of many Sri Lankans in the primary and secondary sectors.

Producer & Exporter of Best Quality
Ecofriendly 100% Natural Products of SRI LANKA

ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ හොඳම තත්ත්වයේ පරිසර හිතකාමී 100% ස්වාභාවික නිෂ්පාදන නිෂ්පාදකයා සහ අපනයනකරු